Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cu’ mari e cu’ venti no’ tti fa’ valenti.


  1. Good job man! Go ahead and give us more news as soon as you can.
    We're waiting for this beautiful dream came true and a bottle of champagne is already in the box.
    In the meantime, we can have our pint of beer and drink to dreams!

  2. Hi there Basciando ! Thanks very much for your generous comments and good to know the champagne is already in the box. I'll look forward to our pint of beer and raise a toast to dreams !!

    I'll continue to keep you posted of developments.

    Thanks again for your kind comments.

  3. Ainslie,

    Fantastic workmanship. Your Merlin Rocket is a true work of art. Looking forward to the next update and seeing her on the water soon.

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Julio, Thanks very much for your kind and generous comments. Have finished the framing on the starboard side now. Am about to proceed on the spinnaker chute solid mahogany structure which will probably also take ages.
    Best wishes & Happy Sailing !!